Athletic Sunglasses: How to Choose Polarized Sunglasses for Athletes

Athletic Sunglasses: How to Choose Polarized Sunglasses for Athletes

Athletic Sunglasses:
How to Choose Polarized Sunglasses for Athletes

Athletes and sports enthusiasts set the bar higher each day. At RE Ranger, we take a similar approach when constructing our sport sunglasses.

When you’re outdoors and in demanding environments, it’s important to have the right polarized sunglasses with a frame, lens, and overall design that works for you.

But what exactly should you look for when searching for a pair of polarized athletic sunglasses?

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Top 4 Features of Polarized Athletic Sunglasses

There are numerous features to consider when searching for the right pair of athletic sunglasses.

Depending on your environment, different frame styles or lens tints could drastically improve your performance in bright light, low-light, or contrast conditions.

Other factors to consider are the size and fit, the frame style and build, and the lens tint of polarized sunglasses for sports.

1. Sizing and fitting

For any sport, especially shooting, hunting, and fishing, the proper fit can make all the difference in your performance.

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing athletic eyewear is the frame’s size. Athletic sunglasses for sports should conform for the face to rest comfortably and securely.

Look out for sport-grip rubber nose pads and temple tips for an extra-secure fit, and make sure to reference any added sizing guides before purchasing.

2. Frame style

The style of athletic sunglasses for sports varies by activity and preference, though wrap-around and shield-style sunglasses are popular among sports enthusiasts.

Both styles of athletic sunglasses for sports have their advantages, but those seeking maximum protection from dirt, debris, or other outdoor elements should consider a full shield frame style, such as the Phantom Sport.

Contact wearers can also benefit from this style because of the added protection that will help shield your eyes from the elements.

3. Frame material

The material of your lenses and frames should be flexible, lightweight, and assembled well. Investing in a quality lens and frame combination is ideal when purchasing athletic sunglasses for sports, and they should be made with materials that can withstand environmental wear.

Durable materials made from Castor Oil are used for sport sunglasses by RE Ranger. These materials are desired for their lightweight and impact-resistant qualities.

Look out for any added anti-reflective coatings on athletic sunglasses if you need ultimate eye-protection in high light conditions from UVA/UBA rays.

4. Lens tint

When selecting the lens tint for your polarized athletic sunglasses, it’s important to pay close attention to your activity of choice.

Polarized lenses are popular among athletes among all outdoor sports because of the reduction of glare that allows athletes to make clear-cut decisions in bright light conditions. Polarized tints often come in more than one color, so depending on your activity of choice and the environment, the lens tint will vary for which provides the most benefits.

If you’re in need of athletic sunglasses for fishing or sailing, polarized lenses are an essential pick and provide extended vision in high-reflective light conditions when on or by the water. Gray polarized lens tints are favored for fishing and sailing, but in general, a gray lens tint on polarized sunglasses makes for good anti-reflective athletic glasses for any outdoor leisure activity.

Darker yellow or brown lenses like our Hawk and Condor tints are the best sport sunglasses for hunting because the hue blocks the haze in low-light conditions for yellow lenses, while brown lenses contain a red shade that can improve the contrast and depth perception. Both lens tints are designed for enhanced contrast and clarity in low-light conditions.

RE Ranger’s Polarized Athletic Sunglasses

Whichever sport or adventure you may take on today, don’t forget to grab yourself a pair of athletic sunglasses from RE Ranger, made for sport and outdoor enthusiasts seeking premium sports performance sunglasses.

CLEARSIGHT™ Lens Technology is an original RE Ranger design, built specifically for athletic sunglasses and outdoor sports. Tested through countless trials and outdoor conditions, the technology is designed to bring users enhanced contrast and clarity in even the roughest of conditions.

Choose from 6 lens tint styles, all backed by Bluz™ Anti-Reflective Coating on both sides for glare reduction and 100% UAV/UVB protection from RE Ranger.

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