The Benefits of Shooting Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses

The Benefits of Shooting Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses

The Benefits of Shooting Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses

Both amateur and professional shooters can appreciate shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses.

Adapting to any environment or lighting condition with the swift change of a lens is priceless and could give you the clarity and edge you’ve been looking for. Learn about the benefits of interchangeable lenses and RE Ranger’s Shooting Eyewear Collection.

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Why choose shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses?

Why choose shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses?

Shooting with standard glasses is often a challenge when weather, light, or location conditions vary.

Shooting glasses with Interchangeable lenses offer the following benefits over traditional:

  • Convenience and ease of use when swapping lenses
  • Flexibility in the environments and activities that you choose
  • Affordability of add-on lenses compared to new complete pairs

What interchangeable lens color should you use for shooting glasses?

Choosing lens tints is difficult because the answer can vary depending on the environment and light conditions that you’re in.

We present the most common choices of interchangeable lenses by tint color along with the premium tint name from our CLAYSIGHT Shooting Lens Collection

Yellow/Orange (Max-Light, Medium Yellow, and Orange)

Yellow and orange are common lens colors for outdoor shooting and a necessity when considering which interchangeable lenses you’ll need. Both lens colors serve a dual purpose for filtering undesired light rays like blue-light and work to enhance the standard orange color you find in many targets across practice and competition shooting ranges.

We offer three suitable interchangeable lens tint options for orange and two for yellow shooting glasses. Our engineers note that the main difference between these colors is conditional.

Shooting glasses with yellow lenses like our Medium-Yellow tint perform the best in low light, overcast conditions.

Orange tints are favored among shooters because of their versatility in various conditions and environments. For instance, our Max-Light lens is a variation of orange and is the best lens for superb clarity in dim to insufficient light conditions.

Meanwhile, our line of orange Ranger HD lenses offers protection from low, medium, and bright lights while enhancing the viewer's sharpness, precision, and clarity.

If you need eye protection in medium to bright light conditions, consider our HD Copper, HD Medium, and HD Dark lens styles.

  • Yellow: Ideal for low light conditions or overcast weather conditions.
  • Orange: Ideal in a variety of conditions, depending on the variation
  • High Definition (HD): Ideal for very bright light conditions.

Purple (Light and Dark Purple)

When surrounded by trees, plants, and shrubbery in a remote area, you may want to filter the greenery that a backdrop can create. Purple lens tints achieve this without sacrificing the orange highlight of the target that shooting glasses are known for.

We offer two variations of interchangeable lenses for purple. Light Purple is excellent in wooded areas or at night. Dark purple is better suited for medium light conditions in open fields or partially wooded areas than Light Purple.

  • Dark Purple: Ideal for improving color perception in lower light conditions
  • Light Purple: Ideal for night time and very low light conditions

Brown (Modified Brown and Light Modified Brown)

Brown interchangeable lenses are worn by more than just shooters because they offer traditional benefits while decreasing the strain from bright light conditions. This color is good If you find yourself looking for interchangeable lenses that perform well in a multitude of shooting activities like hunting or target shooting

Modified Brown interchangeable lenses from Ranger are an excellent dual-purpose lens color for any outdoor shooting activity. A blend of traditional target orange combined with a brown colored tint provides an eye-relaxing experience and razor-sharp vision.

  • Brown: Best for open fields, wooded areas, and relieving eye-strain or fatigue.

How much does it cost to put new lenses in frames?

Replacing the lenses in your typical shooting glasses can be both tedious and expensive. Scratches, wear, or deterioration over months or years of use can impact even the highest quality shooting eyewear.

Replacing lenses of Ranger Shooting Glasses cost as low as 45 and 99 dollars depending on the style variation, and is easy enough to install without acquiring brand-new frames.

It's essential to maintain the lenses' health within shooting glasses because even a small scratch on the lens could weaken it overtime or constrict your view.

Shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses allow you to maintain your lenses individually and store them safely until you need them again. Interchangeable lenses are also often less expensive to replace than a complete new pair of shooting glasses.

RE Ranger Interchangeable Lenses

For two decades shooting glasses have long been a focus of ours.

Since day one, we’ve listened carefully to our audience, and our interchangeable lenses from the CLAYSIGHT Shooting Collection are engineered for convenience, quality, practicality, and performance.

  • We provide high-quality eyewear products for professional shooters and have advanced the design of light-weight, comfortable, interchangeable lenses for a variety of our shooting styles at RE Ranger.
  • With NexPC ™ lenses, your vision has the potential to enhance your performance. Professional-grade optical clarity that will keep your eyes clear from splash back or debris in standard and premium tints.
  • If you're looking for affordable shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses, you should check out the RE Ranger Phantom 2.0. We combine sport frame technology with easy snap-in, snap-out lenses engineered for distortion-free target viewing.

You can select from various frame designs and lens combinations and find a three-piece lens kit that fits your sport and style. We manufactured our shooting eyewear with the consumer in mind and designed each pair to fit most faces.

Shooting glasses like the Phantom 2.0 were designed with safety and comfort in mind. Featuring never-slip temple grips for added comfort and support. Our Falcon Sport and Falcon Pro designs, also provide an extended field of view and comfort fit from a moveable nose piece that prevents the glasses from shifting.

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