What are the Best Shooting Glasses for Indoor Range?

What are the Best Shooting Glasses for Indoor Range?


When shooting indoors, you will still need the proper eye protection that shooting glasses offer.

Some things you won’t have to worry about indoors are the weather conditions, too much or too little light from the sun, and backdrops depending on where the range is located.

The RE Ranger team is here to walk you through choosing the best indoor Shooting Glasses and what you should be looking out for when selecting your next pair. Find styles worn by competitive shooters around the world and more.


Choosing indoor shooting glasses

As we mentioned above, you won’t need to consider all of the same elements and lighting conditions as you would when shooting outdoors.

So what should you consider?

  • Blue light from devices or LED lights
  • The color or tint of the lenses
  • Features like ventilation, frame and lens style

Protection from Blue Light Indoors

Blue light is unavoidable with bright indoor lighting or devices such as screens. The best way to counteract vision strain or eye fatigue is to give your eyes a break as often as you can when around it, especially closer to nighttime.

Shooting indoors is no exception and ranges tend to use more powerful lights because they are required to be a safe distance from the shooter and his firing path.

Over a period of time, blue light can start to affect your vision and, ultimately, your shot. Having the right pair of indoor shooting glasses can prevent this.

Yellow lenses are excellent for blocking blue light, without adding to heavy of a tint for indoor shooting, and clear lenses are most often worn for enhanced clarity.


Choosing your shooting lens color for indoor range

Ideally, there should be even lighting throughout the range but without low-profile lights, proper lighting can be difficult to find indoors. Whether you’re combating a bright, dim, or even light staging area, shooting glasses for indoor ranges with changeable lens tints is never a bad idea.

The most common colors for indoor shooting glasses are clear and yellow.

Clear is the most common lens color for shooting glasses when practicing at an indoor range because it still allows for the protective benefits that regular glasses offer, without adding a lens tint or shade.

Yellow is regularly worn among participants shooting indoors that want to protect their eyes from fatigue that can occur from blue light. Blurred vision and tired eyes make for a lousy shot, so we always recommend having a yellow pair on hand just incase.

At RE Ranger, we always go the extra mile to give professional shooters a wide selection of premium, high-quality shooting glasses for indoors and out. If you want indoor shooting glasses that include changeable clear lenses, we have the complete frame and lens package for you with our exclusive RE Ranger Phantom 2.0 Shooting Glasses and lens kit modified by Orvis.

For a crystal-clear clear field of view, and easy snap-in, snap-out lens shields that make for easy transitions from outdoors to indoors. Experience distortion-free viewing in any environment with exclusive clear lenses in Phoenix Frames.

This offer includes both clear specialty lenses and two changeable ClaySight Lenses. When we teamed up with Orvis to design this exclusive offer, we had a versatile shooter in mind who prefers to keep a pair of clear shooting glasses on-hand. Why? So that you can maintain enhanced clarity and razor-sharp eye focus indoors and out.  

Additional features of indoor shooting glasses

There are a variety of benefits and features depending on which pair of shooting glasses you choose.

  • Lens style and size
  • Added Ventilation ports
  • Lightweight frames
  • Temple tips, nose bridges, and pads

Many of these added features come down to your preference as the shooter. You can select indoor shooting glasses that offer minimal or full lines of sight, or find a pair with ventilation ports to prevent fogging that can occur indoors.

For instance, you can still choose to use a pair with a full shield, like our Phantom 2.0 with clear lenses from Orvis or Phoenix Frames with Hydocoated Clearuve lenses in both interchangeable lens kits.

Whichever style of frame style you prefer, both make for a suitable pair of indoor shooting glasses.

Find Indoor Shooting Glasses by RE Ranger

Phantom 2.0 (Orvis) - Exclusive clear shooting lenses and two RE Ranger Claysight lenses.


Phoenix Frames - Phonenix Frames include 3 changeable lenses both with clear lens options.


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